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7s laget till Bukarest

2017-06-13 17:07
Förbundskapten Massey Tuhakaraina har nu presenterat truppen som ska spela andra och avgörande omgången av Trophy Cup.
  • Uppdaterad: 2017-06-13 17:35

Massey har ordet:

Congratulations to the selected players for Sweden 7s for Romania. There is one change from the 1st leg, Neill Erasmus comes in to the team replacing Jonathan Hector who sustained a knee injury in Ostrava. Neill brings a wealth of experience in the forwards and will be great value for the team. As always, selecting the team is a difficult task for Massey Tuhakaraina. He would like to thank every player in the squad who have contributed over these last few months without their presence the team would not be where it is today. Special thanks goes to everyone who has funded support through the swish fundraiser and to the clubs who have helped organise training camps. I would also like to thank the Rugby Union members Madde Lahti and Neil Johnson for their continued support.

Laget för andra omgången i Bukarest, Rumänien: 
Andrew Daish (C) 
Sean Burke
Alfred Nordgren 
Neill Erasmus 
Richard Nunstedt 
Fredrik Enstad 
Dustin Eaton 
Philip Murphy 
Oliver Callaghan 
Tobias Borg 
Jono Edwards 
Robin Fransson 
Massey Tuhakaraina (Coach)
Ian Gowland (Team Manager) 
Sam Rosser (S&C) 
Deirdre Forker (Physio) 
Emelie Bergström (Administrator) 
Gunnar Mattiasson (Analyst) 
Reserver på hemmaplan:
Dennis Melander
Rikus Van Niekerk
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